Offerings - James Fowler Yoga
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Looking to bring something new to your community?

Work with me

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some amazing people along my yoga journey. I love teaching at new places, sharing the experiences I am grateful for with new people, and helping build community wherever and however I can.

Bring me to your city for any of the following, or let’s create something new together.

Mix things up at your studio

Master Classes

Master classes are an experiential opportunity for you to deepen your practice through my experiences and training. I get more time to pay attention to you, and you get more hands-on experience to take home with you. Class will start with a brief discussion of yoga theory in relation to the class theme, followed by a lengthy asana practice that literally embodies that theme. There will also be time for Q&A.

+ Breaking Down Vinyassa
+ Hot Flow Yin
+ Eight Limbs Fusion

Photo: Kylie Fly

Posted by Wanderlust on Sunday, February 26, 2017

Looking for a deep dive?

Yoga Workshops

While yoga classes typically don’t create an open space for discussion, workshops are the divine time for you to speak up and ask questions. Sometimes the simplest answers can transform a student’s entire practice. Book me for a single workshop or a weekend series, and let’s break down the things we find intimidating (handstands) or even the things we assume are understood (vinyasa).

+ Yoga 101
+ Intro to Handstanding
+ Intermediate/Advanced Handstanding
+ Into to Transitions
+ Advanced Transitions

Ready to learn how to fly?

Acro Workshops

I remember my first flight. I remember the highs and the lows, physically and mentally. And I’m here to support you through them. Workshops are the perfect opportunity to lay down your foundation in Acro, advance your skills, or even master them. Let me know if your community is looking for an introduction to partner yoga, or if they are ready for more advanced training. The amount of workshop material available here could fill a 6-8 week series.

+ Acro 101
+ All About the Base
+ Intro to Acro Therapeutics
+ Intermediate Acro Therapeutics
+ Advanced Acro Therapeutics
+ H2H (Intro, Intermediate, Advanced)
+ Intro to Washing Machines
+ Mechanics of Washing Machines